Doula Peer Review

Doula peer review brings together BABI birth doulas on a regular basis to discuss their cases and learn from each other. It is an opportunity for community cohesiveness and can serve as a foundation when difficult situations arise. Sooner or later in every community there will be an issue that must be faced. Having ongoing peer review provides a stable environment for solving problems and lending support to one another. Participation is geared towards doula education and support it is a great learning experience for everyone. Beyond community support lie the professional ethical concerns. Peer review adds validity to the doula professional development and/or certification process. The public can know that their doula participates in peer review, and that, if a concern is raised, there is a platform for discussion and follow-up. Health care practitioners and other care providers can also know and recognize the professionalism involved in maintaining local peer review.

There will be recognition in future Resource Guides and on the BABI website as a peer review participant for doulas who attend a minimum of 8 BABI peer review meetings per year, with a maximum of one per month counted. Priority registration to Meet the Doula Night will also be given to regular participants of Doula Peer Review. 

Please make every effort to attend one peer review per month. We're doing everything we can to make them accessible for all. 

* If you are not on the doula peer review yahoo group, please contact Sunshine Tomlin.


2nd Monday - 11 am - 1 pm

San Mateo Public Library

55 W 3rd Ave

San Mateo, 94402

RSVP: Audrey Kalman650.303.2405

South Bay

4th Monday - 10am-12pm

621 E. Campbell Ave, Suite 14

Campbell, 95008
RSVP: Christine Vermeersch - 408.912.6299 

            Mireille Cervelli - 831.566.1167


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